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Introducing ICF’s New Online Presence

May 17, 2021

At ICF, we love innovation. We constantly develop outstanding solutions for our customers and we’re always on the lookout for any new technologies that might inspire us.

We unified the ICF design across our online and offline presence. This change helps us maintain a consistent image and make the ICF brand more engaging and easily recognizable for our partners.

We opted for a new website design, one that is more modern and animated. This decision was fueled by the ever-changing nature of the online environment. We wanted our website to be more up-to-date and eye-catching and we’re quite satisfied with the current design.

The posts in the news section and their position were also modified on the new website. Our news section is constantly updated with interesting topics from the industry or news about our company. We decided it was time to give this section a whole new look as well.

Our company’s story is now showcased in a fancier way. We are particularly fond of this section, which presents our history and our beliefs. We’ve made some changes here as well to help readers get to know us easier and feel more connected with what we do.

This is all for now, but we will surely let you know as soon as any other updates are available on our website. Until then, stay tuned to our news section and don’t forget to check out our careers page if you’re looking for a new professional challenge.

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