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Q3 Event

Q3 Event

At the end of each business quarter, Software Development reflects on...
October 3, 2019

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In our every office we encourage our colleagues to actively contribute to ongoing development projects, or to explore new directions through Hackathons.
Payment Systems
For greater security and a better user experience, we develop the user interface of the payment systems ourselves, and our internal team carries out the risk assessment of transactions.
Testing ideas, creating prototypes, and the complete development of products after seeing good results, are done in several offices in a coordinated way.
We present our final products to the world through reliable marketing connections that we have had for years, and by making use of our extensive partner network.
Customer Support
Customer satisfaction is even more important than the technology itself, and so we operate multilingual customer support in several offices, with the option of live chat and phone calls.

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ICF has become a global enterprise and a world market leader in live streaming technology, enjoying the collective support of its companies.

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