A Guide to ICF Career Opportunities

February 22, 2023

Given that ICF is increasingly emerging as a global player, with a growing number of offices and subsidiaries, we thought it would be helpful to provide a guide to our career opportunities.



If you have development experience, you'll definitely want to check out our careers page. As ICF is primarily a technology company, most of our open positions are related to this area. In this category, you just need to choose where you live: if you're in North America, filter the ICF Technology Inc offering for developers in our Seattle office. If you're in Europe, you can browse for openings at ICF Tech Hungary Kft in Budapest by clicking here.

There's even more good news: we're also open to home office on both continents, so you can join our teams from any city or country nearby.


Customer Service

The systems we build also need support, and we work with top professionals to provide it. And here too, you have several options to choose from: if you're interested in North America, ICF Technology Inc. is the place to contact. In Europe, ICF EU East Srl is primarily looking for new staff for our Bucharest office (our Amsterdam office ICF Tech EU B.v. is not currently looking for new staff, but you may want to check back later if this location appeals to you).

Due to the nature of the jobs in this area, we can offer you a hybrid working schedule in the Bucharest team, which means 1-2 days per week in the office and the rest of the week, you can work from home. The office days are important as they allow the teams to work closely together to prepare for important changes in our communication with clients and to meet face-to-face with our partners.


Business Development, Project Management

We are striving to find professionals with experience in live streaming systems, billing, and payment services. Whether you're a business development specialist, a banking or payments specialist, or a developer who's been involved in the design and implementation of high-load systems, you'll find new challenges with us.

With over 200 million visitors a day and over 5TB of data uploaded daily, ICF's system offers a myriad of interesting challenges. For this domain, you may be interested in the offers of both ICF Tech Hungary Kft., based in Budapest and ICF EU Luxembourg S.à r.l., based in Luxembourg.


Now is the best time to join our growing organization!

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