New Office Look for ICF Tech Hungary

September 19, 2022

The office plays a fundamental part in how a business performs as it has a direct impact on employees’ productivity and satisfaction. Due to the pandemic, many businesses were forced or decided to shut their office doors and work from home. However, other businesses, ICF Tech Hungary included, took advantage of this period to innovate their office and adapt it to the new COVID reality.

As the health crisis disrupted normal work models and determined many businesses to adopt a remote work strategy. For months, employees everywhere had been forced to cope with a new way of work, one that saw them isolated from their teams and unable to collaborate and relate to their peers.

In this context, ICF considered that a comfortable, homely office could be a new weapon in retaining and attracting their workforce. Therefore, they felt the need to reshape their work environment into a place that is both welcoming and enables employees to focus on their tasks. To this point, the common areas of the office have been renovated. During the process, the best solutions were implemented in order to deliver results quickly and without any particular distractions, such as noise.

The design team focused on creating a vivid space that keeps the workforce happy and motivated. This reflected in the choice of mismatched, whimsical, and exciting elements. This also brought artificial grass into ICF’s office, a bold choice that evokes nature, contributing to a laid-back environment.

From the clients’ perspective, ICF’s new office look is an inspiring choice that conveys a friendly and welcoming atmosphere, which brings multiple benefits in the end. As the office plays an unquestionable role in choosing a workplace, as well as in terms of employee experience and satisfaction, ICF found it was important to exploit its potential.

In the future, this environment is expected to support the team in achieving current and additional goals. And since the ICF team is constantly growing, you’re invited to browse through our career section. Your next job challenge might be working at ICF’s innovative office.

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